Thursday, March 1, 2007

Protesters and Amahdinejad/Osama bin Laden

On the protesters main website, I read this statement:

"We are returning to the Pentagon to challenge the system that is addicted to war and global domination. The Iraq war is a criminal endeavor based on lies."

Amahdinejad in September 2005, regarding the US, faulted unspecified "pre-emptive measures which are essentially based on gauging intentions rather than objective facts and are in fact a modern manifestation of interventionist and warmongering tendencies of the past."

Another reason the protesters are marching to the Pentagon:

"The slogan of national security and the war on terror stands exposed as a pretext for a global empire enforced by military might and limitless violence."

Bin Laden, in June of 1998, said it a little differently: "We believe that the biggest thieves in the world are Americans and the biggest terrorists on earth are the Americans."

Does the ANSWER Coalition get Bin Laden/Amahdinejad to write their speeches for them? Or are Bin Laden/Amahdinejad getting the ANSWER Coalition to do their dirty work for them, in an effort to wipe us off the face of the earth?

Yeah, the protesters are probably right. We should leave Iraq. Women probably want the rape camps back, and they probably want to be led by a psycho who uses nerve gas (a WMD, BTW) to wipe out an entire race of people. And I'm certain that the people of Iraq don't really want to vote and they were heartbroken to see Saddam Hussein hang.

Hmm...guess America got it wrong again, huh?

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