Thursday, December 10, 2009

Puffington Post!

Oh Wow! I guess I never knew because I don't read this trash, but:


Well, now I get it. I watched a video of her on Glenn Beck and she barely speaks English. SHE'S the one trashing America???

Now it all makes sense! Hey, Huff, go the hell back where you came from if you don't like it here!!! And take the asshole Bill Mauher with you!


Anonymous said...

Ignorant trash writer. Hows that Teabaggin workin out for ya?

Anonymous said...

Ignorant trash writer, hows that teabaggin workin for ya?

chats said...

now, now, Ariana, don't get too upset just because no one's reading your rag anymore!

muldrake said...

Anonymous who posted the same comment TWICE, goes by the letters X X on Gather, just to comment on a post.

Anonymous, X X, yes it sounds like a phone call to 1-800 spineless jellyfish is in order, Whaddyathink? ;9