Friday, September 11, 2009

Who Are You Getting Your News From?

They just released the names of The 25 Most Influential Liberals In The U.S. Media:

On the list, in the top 10 I might add, are Oprah Winfrey and Jon Stewart! Liberal Leftards are relying on a talk show host and a comedian to give them the scoop on what's happening to our country today.

Now I understand why these sick twisted freaks behave the way they do. This is sad!


Zack said...

I'll take a clever satirist like Jon Stewart over rage-fueled, shouting-contest jingoists Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity any day. If you think people take the Daily Show as serious news, I think YOU are the one missing the point.

chats said...

Zack or anonymous: If you read the entire post, you would have seen this statement:

They just released the names of The 25 Most Influential Liberals In The U.S. Media:

Obviously some people take Jon Stewart seriously when it comes to reporting the news.

I think my point has just been verified. LOL

Unknown said...

You realize that Glen Beck is a comedian, right?

chats said...

Zack or Matt or whatever your real name is:

The mainstream media is too busy trying to make the president out to be the new Messiah, so I have to say that the only news I watch is Fox Cable News.

And if Glenn Beck is a comedian, he's doing a pretty good job of exposing commies and socialists in the White House, and that's no laughing matter.

Andrew said...

You do realize in admitting to only watching a single news source, you have displayed your extreme bias.

Influential Person - a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events

That doesn't mean that people get their news from Oprah or the Daily Show. What it means is that they are people who's opinions are strongly regarded; such as Oprah's book clubs, or Jon Stewarts endorsements. It doesn't mean that they turn to these people for news, but that they respect their opinions.

If you have ever bothered to watch The Daily Show, a lot of it is calling out politicians, from both sides, for flip flopping and making light of it. While it isn't real news, it is a funny take on how politics in America work. It makes you realize how light both the "liberal" and "conservative" media on political figures and how they won't ask the tough questions.

They are influential in that Stewart upset enough young Americans to register to vote, just like Oprah did with African Americans. Sorry those demographics look at your beliefs as archaic, and the reality of a new, better America is coming.

P.S. Fox is Mainstream media; look up its market share and how much the Fox corporation owns. It is laughable how you like to think of yourself as the righteous white minority fighting back against its majority oppressors, when in reality you just lost power a year ago. Your plight is as sincere and real as the manufactured uniqueness of Hot Topic clothing.

You also stole the tea party idea from Ron Paul, who Fox marginalized in the debates and could have been your savior. You have nothing to thank them for, except fueling your righteous white anger.

Love, a college educate white man.

PPS: Next time you bitch about welfare states and tax spending, look at this:

Sorry for the truth.

chats said...

Andrew: From now on I don't post comments unless they are from a REAL person, with a link.

It's funny that people, or one person leaving comments pretending to be several people, are basing their arguments on what a comedian says. That point has been proven in every comment you have left so far.

I watched ABC occasionally until they neglected to run ONE story on the ACORN pimp my taxes story. NOT ONE! Charlie claimed he never even heard about it. Please!

Most of the Fox News shows give you the facts and let you decide. The broadcast news channel only gives you what THEY think you can handle. They are dumbing down America. Seeing who is in charge of America right now, apparently they're not dumbing it down enough.

Obama may be an influential person to you, to me he is destroying the values this country was built on.

Ron Paul is a bigger asshole than Obama, so I don't know why you brought his name up.

Oprah has turned into fluff. She used to have shows that were thought-provoking, but now she has gone the way of every other talk show host. She ran out of ideas and who is surprised she jumped on Obama's bandwagon?

As far as you throwing in the 'white' remark, you do know that Obama's mother was white, don't you? Or did the MSM miss that as well?

First of all, I don't think Jon Stewart is funny, has nothing to do with his political opinions, he's just not funny to me.

Stewart did not influence anyone to vote. The majority of people who voted for the first time in this election, voted for one reason and one reason only. They did not have a clue about the issues each candidate stood for.

I am not a racist, nor would I vote for a candidate based on the color of his skin, as many people have done this past election.

If someone needs a comedian or a talk show host to tell them to go out and vote, should that person be voting on something as important as a presidential election? I'm just sayin'!

Oh the reality of a new America is coming all right! You did learn about Hitler and how he rose to power, right, seeing as you're educated and all. Except there are Americans who will not lay back and take it, and that irritates the sheep who drink the Obama Kool-aid.

I'm not sure what this statement means:

"It is laughable how you like to think of yourself as the righteous white minority fighting back against its majority oppressors, when in reality you just lost power a year ago."

What power did I lose?

I never said I was righteous, everything I've said is my opinion, which I think I still have the freedom to express for now at least.

Unless you're referring to the comment I made about the gays trying to compare themselves to the opressed blacks. Is that it?

I didn't steal anything from anyone. I don't think I even mentioned the phrase 'tea party' in any of my blogs, except the picture of the trash you and your obama-ians left after the inauguration. Is that what you meant? You are leaving pithy comments that make no sense.

You read righteous white anger in my posts? And here I thought I was being humorous! Hmm...

I apologize that you feel threatened as a "college educated white man".

The smartest men in America's history never made it past elementary school education.

Geez, now I understand the title of Glenn Beck's book!

I never click on links in comments or emails. Plus, I think I've heard enough and can only imagine what that link would lead me to.

I apologize if I believe that abortion is murder, that sex and/or marriage should be between a man and a woman, and I am sorry I believe that people should be able to pursue, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, without having to pay for everyone else's lazy ass who doesn't want to work for what they want.

There you go! And you have a nice day too Andrew!

Oh I hear Phyllis Diller just loves Pat Paulsen. Maybe I should vote for him in the next election!