Friday, May 18, 2007

Why Aren't Lesbians Outraged At This Disgusting Fat Pig?

I don't know how lesbians think because I am not one myself, but I would think that lesbians would want the world to know that not all of them think as Rosie O'Bloatsey does. I am outraged as a woman about the things that come out of that big fat mouth of hers, on a daily basis. She would have made a good poster child for people against women's lib and against gay rights. People would say:

"This is what you are going to get if you allow women in the media. This is what will happen if you let lesbians host a talk show."

Nobody really cares what she thinks, but most people are angry that the media and the entertainment people are letting a disgusting, big fat slob run her mouth the way she does.

The Department of Child and Family Services should know that Rosie lets her dog lick her child's diaper area to clean it. She also bathes with her children. I think I'm going to puke at that scenario.

I say it's time to barbecue the pig! Shove an apple in her mouth and a size 10 boot up that big fat ass of hers! Look at her! Eck!

To read all of the traitorous things this 'woman' has uttered recently, go here:

The FULL Rosie!

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