Thursday, May 3, 2007

LAPD Need to Learn Spanish to Prevent Immigrants From Breaking the Law

Well, now I've heard everything!

By now, I'm sure you have seen the videotape and photos of the LAPD "wielding batons and firing rubber bullets" on demonstrators at an immigration rally.

As if this wasn't bad enough, I read this statement regarding the incident:

"A police order to disperse was in English and from a police helicopter, a likely ineffective tactic because of the noise and because many at the protest were Spanish-speakers."

So, let me understand what this statement actually means. If you don't understand English, you cannot be held accountable for a crime you may be committing, or may about to commit, is that right?

How outrageous is that? They didn't understand??!!

Before you start demanding for the police officers' heads on a platter, consider the following information:

Crime for the month of April 2007 in Los Angeles CA

Homicide 32
Rape 73
Robbery 1006
Aggravated Assault 1002

Burglary 1316
Personal/Other Theft 1777
Child/Spousal Abuse 1316
Shots Fired 365
Shooting Victims 150
Total 9203

49.33% of the people in Los Angeles, CA, claim hispanic ethnicity

Now, if you were a member of the LAPD department being confronted by an angry mob of demonstrators representing half of the total number of people who reside in the city of Los Angeles, what would you do to defend yourself?

Oh, so because the laws are written in English, Spanish-speaking residents of LA, or half the people who live there, do not understand that it is against the law to kill, rob, steal, beat your children, is that right? So, what, they should be allowed to do whatever they want?

1,316 incidents of domestic abuse
in the month of April alone. If these people are willing to beat up on women and children in their own family, what could they have done to cause the LAPD to react in the way that they did?

I know exactly what it was. The police officers were defending themselves and preventing the angry mob of illegal alien protesters from inflicting harm upon others. THAT'S what they were doing!

If I were a law-abiding, natural-born or LEGAL citizen of the city of Los Angeles, CA, I would be afraid. I would be very afraid! I would also be packing my bags and moving out of that cesspool!

What would you do if this mob was headed in your direction?

Not scared yet? Check out these two websites!! Look Out! Here they come!

Mexica Movement

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