Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is Today the Day Mumia the Cop-Killer Receives JUSTICE?

Today is May 17th, and many of us I would hope, still remember that it is the birthdate of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

I have not seen that anywhere on the internet today as I go surfing. What I have found is that today has been dubbed Free Mumia Time. This cop-killer has a following of people who, if you put all of their brain cells together, you would be lucky to come away with a FULL-sized brain of that of a human.

Mumia, the cop-killer, is getting is day in court, AGAIN! He is trying to get his death sentence overturned. He was convicted of the murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner, 24 YEARS AGO!!! And he's still alive and well, and broadcasting a radio show from Death Row. Anyone else see The Green Mile???

I say let's make May 17th the day that brings Mumia, the cop-killer, one step closer to a well-deserved and long overdue date with Ol' Sparky!

Philadelphia's murders climb daily. How can that be made better when people from the city stand outside the courtroom carry signs that read "Free Mumia". They WANT a cop-killer running around the streets of Philadelphia??? What's wrong with this country?

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