Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hack Reporters Claim No War Memorials Threatened

This is in response to an overabundance of hack reporters claiming that Vietnam Veterans started malicious rumors about antiwar traitors desecrating memorials. Here's the real story:

The Following Handiwork Brought To You By Anti-American, Anti-War Traitors!

Here is a sample of the handiwork done by those who claim they would never deface war memorials.
These photos and the articles say it all. Follow the links and see for yourself. No words necessary, except to say,

"Do this in countries where the terrorists you defend live, and see how long you get to keep your head attached to your body."

"Veterans Memorial Repair Still Not Complete"

9/11 Memorial Permanently Damaged by Vandals

Pieces of 9/11 Memorial Stolen Multiple Times

Indianapolis Medal of Honor Memorial Vandalized

Irving, TX War Memorial Vandalized

Here are a few more acts of vandalism against war memorials around the country. ANSWER Coalition supporters have been leaving comments everywhere saying: "We would never deface memorials!" Yeah, right!

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 28, 1996 Vandals Hit City Vietnam Memorial-The Monument Has Been Defaced Several Times. "I'm Sickened, I Was Kind of Exasperated to Think That Someone Would Do Something Like This", One Veteran Said.

The Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial was defaced yesterday. Again. Vandals darkened part of the monument's granite walls, marking at least the fourth time the memorial has been soiled since its opening in October 1987. The vandals struck early on the day most sacred to veterans, who did not discover the damage until yesterday morning - during preparations for a Memorial Day ceremony.

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 4, 1988
The Vietnam Memorial Is Defaced

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial has been defaced with several scratches including one resembling a swastika, according to National Park Service officials. This is the first time the memorial has been damaged since it opened in 1982, they said. The 493-foot-long black granite wall, inscribed with the names of more than 58,000 service personnel who were killed in the Southeast Asian conflict, has become the most visited monument in the capital.

And The Hits Just Keep On Comin'!

Afghan War Memorial Defaced with Anti War Slogans

National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Vandalized

"Canada Day" Rally Vandals Urinate on Veterans Memorial While Crowd Cheers

Peace protesters throw objects at recruitment office windows, Jan 27, 2007 in Washington DC

Another Video of the 'peace' Protesters

Anti War Protestors Spray Paint Capitol Steps as Police Ordered to Stand Down!(lead by the same organizations hosting the 3/17 rally)

January 25, 1995 New York Times, "Veterans' Memorial on L.I. Vandalized."

December 1, 2006, "Veterans Cemetery in Fernley, NV Vandalized."

March 31, 2003, California "American Legion in Raising Funds To Replace Vandalized Memorial "

April 4, 2004, San Marcos, Texas "Vandals Deface Veterans Memorial"

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