Friday, May 11, 2007

Another Clown Suggests Shutting Down Gitmo

Keep the terrorists at Gitmo:

Or we'll have an even bigger one of these:

The idiots at the Huffington Post, who defend big-head Alec Baldwin, who verbally abused his 11 year old daughter, and Bill Maher, who joked about 9/11 and found humor in the deaths of 1,000's of Americans, has a new article up today.

They are giving us suggestions on how to shut down Gitmo, the facility that is housing terrorists who want the H. Post people dead as much as they want your or I dead. So I decided to add a suggestion of my own:

Close down Gitmo if the terrorists detained there are permitted to move next door to Bill Maher, Alec Baldwin, Charlie Sheen, Jihad Jane, and Sean Penn. Let them be on house arrest and be permitted to travel only within a 3-block radius, just far enough to visit with these 'stars' and have them babysit their kids. Well, Alec won't mind, he thinks his daughter's a "pig" anyway.

That is the only way Gitmo could be shut down. How about it, Hollywood, you already have a man who hacked two people almost to little pieces, walking among you freely, anyway. What do a few extreme islamic militant terrorists matter to the weirdest flakes in the business?

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