Wednesday, April 18, 2007

They're Leftards, But They've Got Big Ones!

Check out this guy! He's calling Rolling Thunder members, "Thugs"!

"Thug Bikers Have it All Wrong"

If you notice, the title of the article is not properly capitalized. This staff writer for the online publication, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, might not know how to write the article, and his article may be full of half-truths and bold-faced lies, but he's got guts for calling the Rolling Thunder guys 'thugs', that I have to give him credit for.


Anonymous said...

that is one of the largest newspapers in Western Pennsylvania. It's owned by richard scaife, a huge supporter of the conservative movement and its considered a newspaper for real conservatives. just so you know.

muldrake said...

Hey, Anonymous, if that's your real name, what is your point?