Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Protesting the War on Terrorism

I found a webpage belonging to a freak who claims she's been protesting for over 40 years. One of the captions to a photo reads: "Protesting the War on Terrorism". Let's analyze this statement, shall we?

According to Webster, the definition of 'protesting' is: "expressing strong objection". The definition of 'war' is: "a conflict carried on by force of arms". The definition of 'terrorism' is: "the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce".

Okay, I'm going to bring it home, now: This idiot is saying that she objects to fighting against the nutjobs who want to destroy America, Great Britain, Israel and _______ (fill in the blank), through violence and by threats and intimidation.

So, basically this clown is our enemy, no? She wants us to stop fighting our enemies. If we stop fighting, we will be destroyed. Instead of carrying a sign that reads, "Protesting the War on Terrorism", shouldn't she be carrying a sign that reads, "Come and kill us, drop the big one, we don't mind!

What a moonbat! She's right up there with Martin Sheen, walking around with buckets on their heads, protesting the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Anyone care to tell these leftards that those bombings took place:


Geez, if you're going to complain about something, use updated history books, at least!

Either she's using outdated history books or...and this is my theory...since Thalidomide wasn't in use until the '50's, I'm guessing this poor woman's mama liked to assemble a lot of model airplanes, and we now know the dangers of huffing too many fumes from model airplane glue, don't we?

Check her out, and you decide:



What Has Happened to the Honest Reporters and Editors in this Country?

There was a time when writers researched stories, wrote articles based on their research, and then submitted them to newspapers and magazines. That is not the case for the majority of trash that is in print today.

For instance, I saw an article today in The Cumberland Times-News, MD, an online publication, written about the "counter protest to the March 17 anti-war march in Washington." The article went on to say that, "This "Gathering of Eagles" maliciously and falsely alleged that the protesters were out to deface The Vietnam Memorial, among other national treasures."

I am so sick of liberally biased reporters and journalists who twist, distort, and taint any piece of news just to get attention. This clown has no idea who any of us were or what our intentions were. He never bothered to investigate. He just took bits and pieces from pages all over the internet, threw the words together, slapped his name on it, and put it online.

I had to send a rebuttal. It will never be printed in that rag of a newsletter, so I'll just post my response to his article here:

Dear Editor:
Judging by the words Mr. Richard Kerns used in his article, “In Washington, a Stain on Sacred Ground”, I will assume this came from yet another draft-dodging, burn your bra throwback from the 1960’s. Mr. Kern is still ‘spitting on Vietnam Veterans’ and calling them ‘baby killers’.

Mr. Kern’s constitutional right to ‘free speech’ is protected by the ones he berates in his article. However, he is responsible for his own words, and his words are offensive to Americans who want to take our country back.
I attended the “Gathering of Eagles” in Washington, DC, on March 17th as well as did thousands of Vietnam Veterans, who for the first time came face to face with the people just like Mr. Kerns, who tried to dishonor and disrespect their time spent in Vietnam.

Having said that, I would like to say that for men who were trained to combat the enemy, who still live with the memories of war and memories of the disdainful treatment they received from people like Mr. Kerns, the Eagles were more civilized than the ‘war protesters’ were on that day.
Mr. Kerns stated that the “Gathering of Eagles was an “internet campaign that shamelessly played on reverence for our nation’s memorials, that maliciously and falsely alleged that the protesters were out to deface The Vietnam Memorial, among other national treasures.”

To prove that threats to vandalize our war memorials are anything but falsely alleged, I direct you to the following website which lists dozens of acts of vandalism at the hands of Anti-American protesters. There are dozens of photos that show their handiwork here:

Why I Went to DC on March 17, 2007

Several points were omitted regarding the ‘anti-war protesters’ “March on the Pentagon”. Many journalists chose to ignore the other groups that joined the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition that day. There were extremist and radical groups in attendance as well.

To name a few, there was the “Free Mumia” crowd, a group of fine up-standing Americans who are calling for justice for a convicted murdered, who shot a Philadelphia Police Officer in the back FOUR times. Another group in attendance calls for the release of the “Cuban Five”, the five men charged with conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism against the United States. Still others defend Cuba and Palestine.

The list is endless. I can provide you with the rest if you like.
Research plays an important role in writing articles for newspapers. Mr. Kerns failed to do any research, and he twisted the facts, and omitted the most important points. I suggest the editor of this publication would benefit from warning his columnists to research and investigate the facts thoroughly before reporting on a story.

The Gathering of Eagles joined together to oppose everything the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, as a whole stands for. Their goal is to try and destroy the foundation our great country, the United States, was built upon. We also ‘stood up’ against desecration of war memorials, a trademark of these extremists.

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