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Lurking Leftards' Loose Lips and Lies

Just had to post this propaganda! I would like to thank the following person for pointing out the following observation about ANSWER's letter in the Washington Post (listed below):

bluejackets fight for freedom

Pics Taken at Gathering of Eagles Washington D.C. 03-17-07

Observation: "If there were 10's of 1,000's of Leftard Anti-War, Anti-American Traitors in DC on March 17th, and only a 'few of us', why did WE attack THEM?

The crack about "Mr. Bush's Pro-War Supporters" was a nice touch. PRESIDENT Bush did not send us to Washington DC, to oppose the filth and lies that the COMMUNIST BLOCK PARTY ANSWER, THE DEFEND COP-KILLERS CROWD, THE PINK PEOPLE, AND THE 'DEATH TO AMERICA' AND 'DEATH TO ISRAEL' crowds, are spreading. {pinko-commies and traitors address the President of the United States as "Mr." in case you didnt' know that}

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The antiwar movement sets the record straight again [BIG FAT LIE}

Yesterday the Washington Post carried a letter by Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition (see below). Following on the huge success of the March on the Pentagon, the anti-war movement has seen a resurgence of attacks and slanders by pro-war, pro-Bush followers who are worried about the growing power of the movement. The letter below was written to clarify the facts of the march on the Pentagon and expose the lies of the pro-war organizations.

This letter follows on the heels of ANSWER's Op-Ed in the San Francisco Chronicle published on March 26.


The Facts of the Pentagon March
The Washington Post
Friday, March 30, 2007; Page A16

The overwrought March 27 pro-war letter, "Points on the Antiwar Protest," including its false attack on the Answer Coalition, had the same credibility as President Bush's explanations for going to war in the first place.

Tens of thousands of people [BIG FAT LIE} marched on the Pentagon on March 17, led by a large contingent of active-duty soldiers and Marines, Iraq war veterans, parents whose children died in Iraq and other veterans. They were joined by people from across the political spectrum.

Mr. Bush's pro-war supporters assaulted these peaceful protesters. [BIG FAT LIE} They spat on Iraq war veterans and others. [BIG FAT LIE} They screamed racist obscenities at a Latino father carrying a picture of his son who was killed in Iraq. [BIG FAT LIE} Muslim women were taunted. [BIG FAT LIE} The pro-war supporters shoved and hit elderly people and high school students and ripped signs from their hands. [BIG FAT LIE} The Post cited the "passion" of this relatively [BIG FAT LIE} small pro-war mob [BIG FAT LIE}. If antiwar demonstrators had done the same, they would have been described as "violent" and "extremists."

[BIG FAT LIE} Mr. Bush lied when he took the country to war. His supporters lie when they try to demonize those working to stop a war that has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and more than 3,200 U.S. service members.[REALLY BIG FAT LIE}It is the antiwar movement, not Mr. Bush or his fringe ultra-right supporters, that cares about the lives of U.S. troops. Their lives, and the lives of Iraqi people, are too precious to be squandered in a war of aggression.

More than 1,000 antiwar protests swept the country from March 17 to March 20. Veterans and military families were in the forefront everywhere.

This is a major story that was greatly underreported by The Post. [BIG FAT LIE! The Washington Post loves the commies}


National Coordinator, Answer Coalition
Washington, D.C.

God Bless Our Vietnam Veterans


And hold that thought and take a look at these photos. One is in America and one is in Tehran, where they tried to storm the British Embassy.

Like the girl in the Monkees' episode about the feuding hillbillies, said:


When it comes to those who hate America, I can't tell one radical extremist from the other anymore either!

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