Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kick the C.A.N!

There is never a lack of material when you are dealing with leftards and moonbats. Before I finished the outline of a new website I'm doing, I found a doozy, courtesy of something called the Colombia Action Network, or C.A.N., for short.

You might ask, as do I, why an organization with Colombia in the title should bother me as an American. The reason is simple; this group is not in COLOMBIA, they are in, that's right, AMERICA! And take a look at what these nutjobs are doing.

First of all, I was alerted to this radicals because they will be attending the Coast Guard Academy's graduation ceremony. They won't be there because they have a family member graduating. They will be there because they plan to protest the commencement speaker, the President of the U.S., George W. Bush. How would you feel if your son or daughter were graduating, and you had a pack of Colombians screaming obscenities the entire time? It turns my stomach. I read further into some of the things these freaks are doing and found this:

They are boycotting Coca-cola, of all things!. Coca-cola is my preferred beverage. I've been drinking it since I was a teen, but the boycott doesn't bother me as much as this statement does:

"Boycotting, a weapon of struggle used by poor Irish peasants against British Imperialist landlords, has an honorable history in the U.S."

I'm assuming that because they are Colombian, English is their 'second' language, if they bothered to learn it at all, so maybe they misunderstood the part about the Irish and the British. I'm sending an email off to them to explain. It will be short and sweet, and it will go something like this:


After I give them a history lesson, I will then tell them that they should not compare their commie propaganda to anything the Irish has done, or will do. Comparing their agenda to the struggle of my descendants is a slap in the face!

Hey, Sharpton, you busy wiping out filthy language in rap songs. or do you have a minute to help? There is a bunch of Colombians slandering my Irish descendants by comparing themselves to them! Can you do anything? How about you Jesse? Nothing?! No, I didn't think so.

I can only battle with words, so if the history lesson does not sink in, here's the next thing I'll tell them: MY Irish ancestors came to America to escape death from starvation when their major crop, potatoes, went sour and there was no food to eat. America welcomed my ancestors, as is STILL doing, God help us all!! The biggest and most important difference is that MY Irish descendants came to America and helped to build it.

We helped to build the railroads you stupid protesters drag your asses on to ride around the country and degrade and dishonor the country MY Irish ancestors helped to build. We did not get a free ride. We worked. We did not get free medical, we paid for it. We did not get free food, we bought it with the money we earned when we worked. Get it? You don't get it? Then how about this: Get Out, out of my country!

Have a Coke! Deport the C.A.N!

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