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Hey, Anti-Americans, You Voted 'Em In!

When Iran drops the big one on us, you Anti-American, Radical, Extremist, War Protesting America-Hating Traitors, have no one to blame but themselves.

Check this out:

"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Tom Lantos, D-San Mateo, just back from a trip to Syria that sparked sharp criticism from Republicans and the Bush administration, suggested Tuesday that they may be interested in taking another diplomatic trip - to open a dialogue with Iran."

"Lantos noted that "with the speaker's support,'' he has co-sponsored legislation in the House that calls for making available to all countries -- including Iran -- nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes under international oversight by establishing a "nuclear fuel bank."

"So if the Iranian president says that he is developing (nuclear material) for peaceful purposes, we are assisting him in that process,'' said Lantos, who anticipated the legislation could pass as early as May."

Meanwhile, in other news:

"Iranian intelligence operatives have been training Iraqi fighters inside Iran on how to use and assemble deadly roadside bombs."

So, let me see if I get this straight.

Iran hates Israel and the United States. It has hated the U.S. at least since they took our citizens hostage from the US Embassy in Tehran and held them for 444 days until another President took the oath of office and got them out.

So, naturally, Pelosi and Lantos not only want to talk to Iran about nuclear weapons, they want to also give them the fuel to develop them.

Hmmm...what is going to come out of this, do you think? This perhaps?

From President Addulaspongeabob:

To Israel and to the U.S.



A Hack Journalist from the Cumberland Times News, MD, posted this article last week:

In Washington, a stain on sacred ground
Richard Kerns
Cumberland Times-News

If peace is flowing like a river, my backyard sewer line is sorely ill at ease.

To maintain a modicum of taste in this demented space, I'll be brief and discreet in addressing said subject de yuck. But as surely as a flush will flow downhill until it can't, at which point it will reverse course into one's basement, such a diversion is inevitable. For images of the past week, to say nothing of scents, were so searing as to permeate my very being.

Plumbing. Makes one long for the days of the outhouse. So much aggravation and expense, all to spare a chill bottom on a frigid winter's eve. This time around, the porcelain god demanded pipe-reaming penance for the dual offense of tree roots and a terra-cotta-kinky sewer line.

I think of Charles Ingalls at such times, not only summoning Pa's patience and fortitude, but envying his PVC-free Little House. That is, until I recall that he and Ma only took baths once a week. Mercy.

Speaking of effluent, a recent letter to the editor reeked of jingoistic bombast in detailing the writer's participation in a counter protest to the March 17 anti-war march in Washington. I lay not a whit of claim to the noble fraternity that is the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 172, but hope that at least some of the members who traveled to Washington that day were uncomfortable, not only with the crude letter of this Saturday past, but with the event itself.

Not for demonstrating; getting up at dawn, driving three hours and wading through crowds to make their voices heard. Red, Blue or any political hue, that's kicking citizenship up a notch. Downright American. It was the venom I'd have them disavow.

The next day's Washington Post featured pictures of enraged counter-demonstrators, and the accompanying story reinforced the images with vitriolic quotes, similar to the tone of the Altoona letter. I have no problem with flag-waving, chest-pounding, bird-flipping passion, but as the letter and story made evident, many were spoiling for a fight.

The flames were sparked and stoked by an Internet campaign that shamelessly played on reverence for our nation's memorials. This "Gathering of Eagles" maliciously and falsely alleged that the protesters were out to deface The Vietnam Memorial, among other national treasures. "Rally to the Mall," went the call, and they commenced to juice everybody up for a conflict wholly of their own creation.

It is sacrilege to politicize the nation's monuments, to belligerently claim ownership of that which belongs to all Americans. And while there may be a nut or two at any protest, the authorities are well equipped to deal with them. Just as Derby Day of old - when beer flowed cold - was the worst day of the year to get drunk and rowdy on Frostburg's Main Street, so too is a protest march the worst time to deface public property on the Mall.

As with George W. Bush and Iraq, the cause-beli of the "gathering" was bunk.

Nor did the organizers fulfill their vaunted mission, which, according to the group's Web site, is "to stand silent guard" over the memorials, in a manner that is "non-violent and non-confrontational."

"The vets turned both sides of Constitution (Avenue) into a bitter, charged gauntlet for the war protesters," the Post reported. "'Jihadists!' some vets screamed."

Contrary to aspersions cast upon them like the manure some "eagles" tossed, peace activists marched in the spirit of the men whose names appear upon The Wall.

It was the signature lesson of the Vietnam War, embraced by Americans across the wide political divide in testament to the sacrifice embodied by those 58,249 names on polished black granite: Never again would the warrior be blamed for the war.

As a reporter with the Frederick News-Post in the fall of 1990, I covered a symposium at Mount Saint Mary's on the eve of the Gulf War. Many in the audience opposed military action to dislodge Saddam Hussein's armies from Kuwait, but in stating their position on the nation's first major conflict since Vietnam, young and old alike invariably attached a caveat: We support the troops. Lesson not only learned, but taken to heart, as a people and a nation.

Seventeen years later, I have yet to see evidence to the contrary in the current conflict overseas. Indeed, the American people rose in righteous anger at the revelation that the administration wasn't taking proper care of our wounded. Our wounded. Just like they are our monuments. Yours and mine.

I'm left to wonder as to March 17, had I marched with others opposed to the war. What would have been my welcome, had I left those ranks and approached The Wall, just beyond the wall of anger surrounding it?

Would the letter writer have stepped from my path? What if I told him I'd come seeking the space where the name and memory of Joseph Patrick Rowley reside, just as they do outside the VVA hall on Liberty Street? Maybe if I told him how my distant cousin was aboard a C-130 making a hop to DaNang and the sweet ride home after a year in-country, when the plane crashed in fog, killing all 28 aboard, including John D. Saville, also of Cumberland.

Perhaps, if he still knew me only as "dirtball," I might mention Stella Rowley, mother of Joseph Patrick, who this October will mark 40 years since her baby died at age 20. Would he allow me to etch her son's name?

This nation's been at war far too long, and far too long at war with itself. The counter demonstration of March 17 was bitter fruit the politics of division.

We must indeed stake out and defend those few remaining DMZs upon America's charred political landscape, where countrymen all can unite around shared ideals, shared history, shared sacrifice.

Sanctified at dearest cost, one such sanctuary is the hallowed ground before The Vietnam Wall...


This appeared today as a rebuttal. Way to go Kristinn!

Gathering of Eagles drew vets, 'patriots' to protect memorials

To the Editor:

The commentary "In Washington, a Stain on Sacred Ground" by Richard Kerns (April 4), is uninformed and extremely insulting to the thousands of veterans who came to Washington, D.C. on March 17 to help protect the war memorials on the National Mall and to stand up to the antiwar protesters who marched that day.

At the previous peace march in Washington, on Jan. 27, peace protesters spray painted the Capitol, desecrated the Navy Memorial, broke windows at a recruiting center and assaulted an Iraq war amputee - all in plain view of law enforcement. It was those documented incidents and the failure of law enforcement to do its job that day, in conjunction with the announcement by the organizer of the March 17 antiwar march that they would be holding a rally at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, that prompted Vietnam veterans to organize the Gathering of Eagles.

Mr. Kerns accuses the Gathering of Eagles of "maliciously and falsely alleg(ing)" that antiwar protesters were threatening to deface the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.' There were indeed threats made by antiwar activists to use spray paint and acid to deface The Wall. There were also threats to use Molotov cocktails to attack veterans on March 17. Those threats were forwarded to the U.S. Park Police. Obviously the Park Service took those and other threats seriously, as they took the rare step of having visitors to The Wall that day pass through a security checkpoint.

Mr. Kerns repeats the unfounded accusation that counter-protesters threw manure at the antiwar protesters. I am not aware of any photos or videos that document that unacceptable behavior. However The Washington Post published a video report that features a middle aged female peace protester spitting on a young male Gathering of Eagles participant.

Those who gathered at the memorials did indeed hold a silent respectful vigil. Those who stood along the march route of the antiwar protesters were free to peacefully express themselves. Those who participated in our morning rally were quite loud at times as they cheered, "USA! USA! USA!"

While Mr. Kerns castigates the veterans for being mentally prepared to stand up for their brothers in arms serving in the current war, no mention is made of the antiwar protesters who came armed for battle. These protesters, known as Black Bloc anarchists, carried large shields and marched in battle formation. The Black Bloc is known for its violence and destruction of property, yet they are allowed by the peace marchers to routinely participate in their protests.

After the antiwar march to the Pentagon, the Black Bloc anarchists returned to the Mall where they attempted to overrun the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Law enforcement thwarted that attack, however the anarchists engaged in a running battle with law enforcement officers for several blocks near The Wall.

Mr. Kerns insults a passionate patriotic Korean War veteran, George K. Bathie, who peacefully, if boisterously, participated in the Gathering of Eagles by describing his letter to the Times-News as "jingoistic bombast." Mr. Bathie's recognition that he and his fellow Marines fought and died for the right of the protesters to hold their march was apparently lost in the "bombast" by Mr. Kerns.

Mr. Kerns claims "peace activists marched in the spirit of the men whose names are on The Wall." A more insulting line could not have been written. The peace activists marched under the banner of the ANSWER Coalition, a Marxist group that has given its unconditional support to the so-called resistance in Iraq. To say that those marchers, who carried ANSWER's Che Guevera signs, marched in the spirit of those gave their lives fighting communism is to spit on those soldiers' graves.

Mr. Kerns and The Times-News owes an apology for insulting the thousands of veterans, Gold and Blue Star families and other patriotic Americans who participated in the Gathering of Eagles.

Kristinn Taylor
Spokesman and D.C. Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles


Here's another letter to the editor from a lurking leftard. It appeared in the TimesDispatch, Richmond VA, online:

Anti-War Protesters Had Larger Numbers

Editor, Times-Dispatch: In response to Randolph Watkins' letter, I would like to correct a few of his statements about the Iraq war protest in Washington, D.C.
--While it was the biggest counter-demonstration I've seen so far since the war began, to claim that right-wingers outnumbered protesters three-to-one is ridiculous. While the organizers of the protest hoped to get 30,000 demonstrators, I estimate the number to have been around 10,000. The right-wing counter-protesters numbered around 1,000. Ten to one in our favor.

--Enough of this "Jane Fonda and Cindy Sheehan" rhetoric. I was there to protest the war, not to follow two people who have absolutely no influence over my views.

--Remember that Sheehan and many other women and men out there are parents of soldiers, too. Also try to remember to show some repect to the anti-war veterans' groups when they march instead of calling them traitors and spitting at them.

--Let's be honest about why the counter-demonstration numbers were larger than usual. Several right-wing Web sites claimed that the protesters planned to deface and destroy the Vietnam Veterans Memorial -- a complete lie. Dozens of Vietnam veterans march against the Iraq war every time we protest.

It is said we are traitors who hate our soldiers and our country. I say those who care more about the flag and the glory of Ronald Reagan than they do about justice and doing the right thing for our soldiers are the traitors. Those who ignore the injustices committed by our own government, as they use a national tragedy to push forward a far right-wing agenda, are the traitors. Kyle Eyerly


And here is my response:

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to a ‘Letter to the Editor’ from a Mr. Kyle Eyerly, Richmond, VA, entitled, “Anti-War Protesters Had Larger Numbers”

In Mr. Everly’s letter, he stated, “The right-wing counter-protesters numbered around 1,000.”

There are several things wrong with this statement. The first is that the “Gathering of Eagles” is not a right-wing group. It is a group made up of veterans, and those who support our country and our US troops. We went to DC on March 17, 2007, to oppose all that the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition stands for. We not only went to show support for our men and women in uniform currently fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, we went to oppose the radical and extremists groups that make up the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition

The “Gathering of Eagles” rallied against the Free Mumia group, who wants justice for a twice-convicted cop killer. We rallied against the Free the Cuban Five Group, who want freedom for the 5 Cuban terrorists who planned attacks against the United States. We rallied against the SDS, a communist group, that among other things, wants to see Israel wiped off the face of the Earth. We went to rally against those groups who want us to free the terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, so they can carry out their planned attacks against the United States. The National Park Service in Washington, DC, released the numbers regarding the anti-groups and the pro-groups. No one from “The Gathering of Eagles” presumed to say how many of us were in attendance.

In his Letter to the Editor, Mr. Everly also said, “…try to remember to show some respect to the anti-war veterans' groups when they march instead of calling them traitors and spitting at them.”

The ‘veterans’ who marched to the Pentagon with the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition were men who had never served their country. They dressed in military garb and carried signs claiming they were Iraqi War Veterans. No anti-war member was spit upon. Protesters spit on veterans, not the other way around, or have we all forgotten the welcome home our Vietnam Veterans received? Mr. Everly is misinformed and is fabricating the facts.

I saved the last item in Mr. Everly’s ‘Letter to the Editor’ for last because it is the biggest lie of all. There are photos and documentation of vandalism and desecration of war memorials throughout the country in many places on the internet, and in newspaper articles. There are websites that include photos of the vandalism, and links to the newspapers that printed these photos.

Mr. Everly said, “Several right-wing Web sites claimed that the protesters planned to deface and destroy the Vietnam Veterans Memorial -- a complete lie.”

If you take the time to visit the following two websites, you will see that what Mr. Everly stated in his Letter to the Editor is simply not the truth. Threats to war memorials are all too frighteningly real:

Why I Went to DC 3/17/07

One link on this website contains the exact wording of the threat to vandalize the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, and the direct link is here:

A Thug Threatens Violence at the Wall

A “Gathering of Eagles”, the group which attended the pro-US troops, pro-America rally on March 17, 2007, are tired of people tearing down our country. We decided to rally in support of our great country and those who defend her. We believe it is time to “Take America Back!”, and we will do so at every anti-war protest from now on.

The mainstream media refuses to acknowledge that there are people in America who support our country and who support the troops. Garbage sells, bad news sells, and no editor wants to spread the word about a group who still believes in the greatest and most powerful country on Earth, the United States of America!” Do you?

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