Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Media Miss the Story Again: Historic Pro-troop Movement Surges on War Anniversary

Iraq War unique in its sustained pushback against warmed-over Vietnam-styled protesters By Catherine Moy

Days after a historic gathering of patriots in Washington D.C., some in the old-line media - the tyrannosaurus press - are finally telling part of the story about the clash between the anti-American, anti-war protestors and their counterparts: American patriots. Like a good western movie, the good guys won.

But most coverage still misses the bigger story of Saturday's anti-war temper tantrum and the push back from veterans, troops, and Americans who arrived from as far away as Hawaii. The Gathering of Eagles, the name given to the 30,000-strong crowd of pro-troop supporters on Saturday, was the largest showing of red-blooded patriots during this war. Thousands have carried the torch since March 19, 2003, the first days of the war in Iraq.

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