Friday, February 9, 2007

Anti-War Protesters or Traitors? Is There a Difference?

Anti-War Protesters are planning a march on the Pentagon on March 17, 2007. As if that wasn't despicable enough, they are going to have the audacity to gather at the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Wall!

These traitors are throwbacks from the morons who spat on our Vietnam Veterans, who called them names, threw things at them, when they returned home! Most likely, many of them are offspring of the 'burn your draft card' drug addict hippies from the sixties!

If you find this makes you feel like your head is about to explose, take heart!

Veterans and Supporters of our Troops are planning a Counter-Protest that day to protect the Wall. There is talk that the protesters plan to deface the wall in some way.

To find out more about this counter-protest, visit the following website:

Gathering of Eagles to Protect Vietnam Veterans Wall


What Do You Think of Celebrity Anti-War Protesters?

If you find yourself in awe of the 'so-called' celebrity anti-war protesters because you believe that they are right because they are 'famous', think about this:

If only these 'celebrities' would use the time and energy they waste spouting their traitorous Anti-American garbage, for worthwhile causes, imagine how much better off things would be.

They could march for children's rights, so that people like Michael Devlin would never again be able to kidnap, molest, and torment another child.

They could march for the poor, or better yet, donate their money to the poor, so that this nation's children would have enough to eat.

They could march for so many causes, instead they choose to march in protest of the President, the US, and the US troops.

Like Billy Idol says in his song: "Eyes Without A Face", these traitors who protest the war and put our troops in harm's way, are

"Such a human waste"!

Take that either way, that they are a waste of human life, or they are human waste.

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